The Spinsterz Buy Flux Hoop

Bailing Out a Failed Hoop

The Spinsterz have lost all senses, it might seem, as they have now acquired their second failed smart hoop brand. For those who don't remember, the Spinsterz previously backed smart hoop maker Larry Lights and his Prodigy Hoop Project. They promised to be the official reseller of his hoop once his kickstarter orders were fulfilled. However, Larry sent out only 5 Prodigy Hoops and disappeared with his $90k, never to be heard from again. And the Spinsterz didn't refund all that money to customers. Why should they have, afterall? They only ever promised to resell the hoops. Larry Lights was the thief, not the Spintsterz.

Before Larry Lights ever appeared and then quickly disappeared from the scene, the Spinsterz had made quite a name for themselves as THE only competitor for Synergy Flow Art's Quick Wicks. Not only do they sell wicks, but they sell all sorts of hoops, flow props, clothing, etc... And since they have been around for nearly 20 years, they have certainly had their fair share of drama. From sending less than polite marketing emails, to sponsoring certain hula hoopers, it seems The Spinsterz's actions will always be under extreme scrutiny by the community (as they should).

But should they be judged so harshly for scooping up this beloved hoop and making it their own? After all, the community had nothing but praise for, the prior owner of his failed smart hoop. Unfortunately, LED fell onto hardship and was unable to make its monthly payments to the Flux hoop creator, thus rendering their contract null and void. Since the Spinsterz has been established for so long, it seems less likely they will fall upon the same hardships.

It seems more likely the case that the Spinsterz are currently looking to redeem themselves for the Larry Lights fiasco. Currently, hoops are being sent out and accepted for repairs. Since the owner of the Flux's IP is not involved in the project- except for the outrageous monthly payments- The Spinsterz will not be able to blame another company for any short comings, like with the Prodigy hoop. They now own all the parts and software for the Flux hoop. They know it is up to them alone to serve the hoop community's Flux related needs and they certainly seem ready to fulfill them. Click Here if you have a Flux Hoop that needs repaired.