Astral AtoMIC HoOps

Atomic V and Atomic V AF

Astral Hoops is an absolute powerhouse in the majestic world of smart hoops. Breaking into the scene way back in 2007, Astral Hoops has been supplying hoopers with high quality LED performance hula hoops. They have poured countless hours of energy and effort into creating the perfect smart hoop.

First it was the Atomic Hoop, one of the world's first LED hoop with multiple settings. This hoop was revolutionary and performers all around the world rushed to buy this hoop. As Astral Hoops perfected the build of the atomic, its name changed slightly, but the overall components of the hoop stayed the same. It features a super bright LED strip that is both light weight and rattle-free. It also features a joystick used to change patterns. Astral has finally transcended its original Atomic design to completely revolutionize smart hoops forever.

2020 is sure to mark the beginning of many technological advances in the world. Astral Hoops has heard this call for action and has answered with their very own Advanced Features for the Atomic V. Not only can you change the speed and color on any Atomic pattern with the joystick, but now you can even use the app to customize your patterns, connect multiple Atomics, and generate random patterns. And, best of all, Astral Hoops has updated their pattern generator. Gone are the days of drawing your pattern pixel by pixel. You can now use the same photo editing software you use in your every day life to resize your favorite pictures and then upload them to your smart hoop. Join our group for access to hundreds of specially made hoop patterns that will work on your Atomic V AF, as well as personal help with downloading and uploading the patterns.

With more patterns, brighter LEDs, and best of all, great new features, Astral Hoops has definitely become a contender for the Best LED Smart Hoop of 2020. See more here