Citiva Creationz

Etsy's Oldest Hoop Shop

With almost 9,000 etsy sales, Citiva Creationz proudly flaunts its title as "Etsy's oldest and most reputable hoop shop." They have built a solid reputation of the past decade of delivering impeccable customer service, as well as producing quality props. Even better, they are completely committed "to provide the best quality hoops & customer service, at an affordable price, created in the absolutely most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible!"

And since Citiva Creationz has been in existence for so long, they've had plenty of time to fine tune and prefect their products! With over 20+ different patterns to choose from, there is sure to be an LED hoop for every hooper. Not to mention add-ons such as inner connectors, and of course the option to choose mini hoops instead of a full sized one.

It is clear customers love their orders, with some of the most recent reviews reading: "Stunning hoop, no picture does it justice, I am SO Happy with it!!"


"the craftswomanship is amazing, its perfectly balanced and so beautifully made! the lights are bright and in line and there is not a single thing to complain!"


"So happy with my hoop! arrived quickly & was packaged very carefully & thoughtfully! thank you!"

So if you are in the market for a new LED hoop from a trusted and beloved, woman-owned company, you are in luck. By choosing to buy from Citiva Creationz, you are promoting a hoop shop that believes in sustainability and helping others, above all else. You will also be choosing a company with trusted customer service and impeccable craftsmanship. Click here to see all the different LED hoop designs currently available.

Cosmic Hooper

Custom LED Hoops

Serving the community for the past 11 years, Cosmic Hooper's Emporium of Bliss has some of the most high quality LED hoops you will find. Just $75 for a standard 12 LED Hoop, and the customization options are endless! Not only can you choose a classic hoop with as many LEDs as you want, but he also features sectional mini hoops and 4-piece sectional hoops!

Cosmic hooper has managed to stay under the radar all these years, compared to companies like Moodhoops. This allows him to continue producing top quality hoops at a pace that works for both him and hoopers. One of the only classic LED hoops that features an internal battery, this hoop can seriously withstand alot. Don't take that as a dare, however!

These hoops are serious works of art. Each one is perfectly balanced and counter balanced, with an even number of LEDs spaced perfectly. It is unlikely you will ever need to use the 1-year warranty. Click here to buy your own blissful LED hoop from Cosmic Hooper!


Classic LED Hoops

You've heard it before and you'll hear it here again. Moodhoops has been around forever, and for good reason. They make good hoops! The first LED hoop I EVER saw, in fact, was a Blaze Moodhoop. They have perfected the design of the simple LED hoop and still sell the same color patterns that hoopers have always loved.

With 10 classic LED choices ranging from $79-$130, Moodhoops has a hoop that will work with anyone's budget. They all feature a year-long warranty and even the option of twice the LEDs, for a slightly higher price, of course. If you are looking for a classic LED hoop from a well-trusted and beloved company, click here!

moondance hoops

Basic and Shuffle Hoops

Although this shop is a bit newer than most of the others we've discussed, this hoop company has made quite a big splash in the Ocean of LED Hoops. With two different price options for their classic LED designs, it's no wonder why.

Based in Washington, Moondance established itself as a LED hoop shop only a couple years ago. They have since designed innovative multi-mode hula hoops and levi wands that easily compare with similar products from older hoop companies, as well as budget friendly hoops perfect for children or new hoopers.

Moondance LED hoops being at a $69 price range for a basic all white or UV purple Basic LED hula hoop. Then, for only $20 more, they offer 4 different "Shuffle" LED hoops in patterns: Rainbow, Andromeda, Pegasus, and Elemental. They have only 5 star reviews on their website and facebook page and currently have a wait time of only 2 weeks. Moondance Hoops seem to be the perfect option for anyone who needs an affordable, durable LED hoop.