10 Great Gifts For Hoopers that aren’t Hula Hoops

The Holidays are officially upon us! Here in the good ol’ USA that means one thing: SHOPPING!

Here are 12 gift ideas for the hooper in your life who already owns way too many hoops.


  1. Hoop Wax
    This is the perfect gift for any hooper who does not wish to make her hoop heavy with grip tape.  There are many different companies that sell hoop wax, and each have their own special formula.  Our favourite is the Natural Hula Hoop Wax from Hoopocalypse.
  2. Travel Bag
    Protect your hoops from dirt and snow with a one-of-a-kind hoop travel bag!  Our favourites are from Citiva Creationz!
  3. Hoop Rack
    Tired of having hoops laying all around your floor? Why not try one of these super stylish hoop racks from ShelLEDhoops?  Or this cool Kokopelli hanger from Melding Studios.
  4. Wall Art
    Hoopers love sacred geometry.  Enough said.  Get this unique piece of art from Forged Creations.
  5. Hoop Mandala
    Take your hoops to the next level with these one of a kind crochet hoop mandala covers!  Available exclusively from Katie’s Crochet Page on Etsy.
  6. Stickers
    Check out these cool vinyl hooping stickers from Hoop Junky!

  7. Clothes
    Harmonic Threads has been a favourite brand of hoopers for years.  Olive’s handmade cotton clothing is sure to make anyone a happy hooper this holiday season!
  8. Fire Wicks
    Quick wicks are the best way to turn any day hoop into a fire hoop, perfect for lighting up the night-time sky.  Check out the original quickwick from
  9. Hoop Lessons
    Help a fellow hooper out and increase your skill at the same time!  So many hoopers offer lessons, so always ask your favourites if they’ll be willing to teach you!  You can also take online classes from HoopLovers!
  10. Kevlar Sleeves
    Millions of workers use Kevlar sleeves to protect their arms from getting cut on the job. But they are great for fire spinning too!  Save your arm hairs and wear these stylish sleeves from Synergy FlowArts.

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