Moodhoops Pixel Hoop

With a new year comes new affordable and innovative smart hoops and Moodhoops is leading the race when it comes to cool new hoops.  Not only do they have new technology for their future hoop pros, but have also taken some of their most beloved, simpler patterns, and shoved them into a nice little affordable hoop for all of us simple hoopers. The Pixel Hoop comes loaded with 5 different pattern modes, hoopers can expect a 2-4 hours of endless LED fun with all of the different Classic, Aura, Rainbow, Halo, and Chaser modes this hoop has to offer.  Unfortunately, the Pixel Hoop is currently only available in 3/4″ tubing, although that is likely to change in time.  Still, this is a hoop that I have been dreaming of since I started hooping, years ago.  Moodhoops always delivers.


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