New Phoenix by Argent Data Systems

OG hoopers will remember the Phoenix as the very first smart hoop, followed shortly after by the Astral Atomic. After several years of success, the owner Hoopdaddy sold his plans to Spin FX, a company with lots of fresh ideas for how to update the software and make the hoop more durable. Sadly, it seems like the hoop has once again been thrown aside by its owners, in exchange for a probably hefty fee. Is this hoop cursed? Is its beauty too good to be matched by the equally durable hardware? Argent Data Systems, the creator of the Hyperion Hoop, doesn’t believe so. He has scooped up this lonesome hoop and given it a new, and hopefully final place to call home.

Since Argent Data Systems (ADS) owns the phoenix now, what exactly are they planning to do to it?  They claim to be keeping it in all its glory, with just a few extra features to keep it modern.  This hoop will now feature motion sensors, more patterns and sizes, and art-net compatibility for wireless control from a standard lighting console.

Priced at $430, the new Phoenix is a top of the line designer smart hoop, definitely vying for the title of Best LED Hoop for 2018.


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