Pandora Hoop by Zillion Lights

Zillion Lights refuses to quit! They have released their third smart hoop, the 5/8″ featherweight Pandora, with even more patterns than ever!  The Pandora has the ability to both choose any pattern within the hoops memory bank, but also add layers to chaser patterns and change colors and speeds. Loaded with over 1600 different patterns, the Pandora is sure to please any hooper.  With a battery gap of only 3 pixels and double density LEDs, the Pandora gives a spectacular light show.  It’s extremely lightweight, so it’s easy to dance with as well!  The removable batteries allow you to light up the stage all night long, and the wait time of 2-4 weeks isn’t too bad either.  The remote, however is just as difficult to figure out as ever.  But, ZL addresses this with a comprehensive user guide, as well as video tutorials and a web app that all walk you through the capabilities of this fabulous hoop and remote.  Unfortunately, the ZL Pandora hoop is $400, which is actually the same price as Moodhoop’s FutureHoop Remote (5/8) and slightly more than the Astral Evoke.  However, the Pandora has both more LEDs and far more patterns than either of the other smart hoops! The Pandora is a perfect option for any hooper, amateur to professional alike. And, since ZL is famous for giving its shoppers amazing deals, it can actually be a really good choice economically.  This hoop will not disappoint!


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