Summer Brings New Smart Hoops

After years of waiting, it looks like we finally get a new version of the Astral Evoke and Moodhoops Future Hoop. While Astral Hoops has mostly just added a couple new features and new modes, Moodhoops has added the ability to create your own modes! Don’t get me wrong though, the new Atomic V Hoop still has lots of fun new features to it. From the long anticipated ultimate shuffle mode, to the ability to change the speed and color scheme of any mode, it seems like this smart hoop has finally caught up with the rest and become a real contender again for best smart hoop of the year!
And along with Moodhoops and Astral Hoops, Argent Data Systems has a couple of big announcements for us as well. The Phoenix hoop has once again been put up for sale, this time with Argent Data Systems snatching up the popular first smart hoop. The maker of the Hyperion plans to meld high quality gapless graphics of the Phoenix with the software of the Hyperion. Not only that, but we just learned that a 5/8″ version of the Hyperion is now available! Click here to help this dream become a reality. For years we have been begging for updated smart hoops, these companies certainly have not disappointed. Which do you think deserves the title for best LED hoop of 2018?

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