When Will Prodigy Hoops Ship? The Answer May Surprise You (soon…)

Hello World,

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Prodigy Hoops is somehow still relevant.  Yes, the company that none of us even enjoy laughing at any more is still claiming that hoops promised in April 2016 will be shipping- wait for it:




Over the past year and a half, Prodigy Hoops has had problem after problem with production.  And with each problem, seemed to come a new promise for a revolutionary, new smart hoop. Backers were promised features such as: current conducting tubing, a motion based menu system, and open sourced software. However, the one hoop that was sent out had one of these features.  Jon, the owner, simply got in over his head and raised expectation after expectation before properly planning anything through.  And unfortunately, since most hoopers are not extremely tech savvy, they fell for all this wishful thinking.



But, after over a year of waiting, backers have finally turned from their messages full of hope and manifestation and instead have turned their focus towards bank reversals and a class action lawsuit. The suit comes in wake of an enlightening video posted by Jon August 19th, 2017, where he claims that the $100k he raised through kickstarter has nearly all been lost due to a heroin addicted, ex-employee. And if this claim wasn’t already ridiculous enough for you, Jon went on to explain that he knew this employee was an addict and a thief, however continued to allow him to work on hoops alone in the shop.  And of course, despite this hiccup, we can expect hoops to resume shipping “90 days.” Jon then went on to answer questions, clarifying things such as when hoopers can expect immediate refunds (hint: not immediately), and what he is doing about the people filing lawsuits (hint: refusing to refund them before they call a lawyer).  He may be slimy, but you can’t say that this man isn’t determined.  Unfortunately for all of his backers, he’s not determined enough to actually finish what he started.

Although there are still a select few who believe this madman’s claims of a revolutionary smart hoop, it seems for most hoopers, the illusion has been shattered.  Hopefully this will be the end of kickstarter scams within our community.  Because just like Bey, hoopers don’t play.



If you would like to view Jon’s oscar worthy update video, click here.

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