ZL Smart Hoop 2nd Generation

ZL Hula Hoops is back at it again with their totally revamped smart hoop!  Despite all the naysayers, ZL Hoops has, indeed, improved on their original design and continues to evolve as a company as they work to improve products and designs.  With this 2nd generation hoop, they have added better counter balance, extended the warranty, improved pattern quality, and most importantly have worked on simplifying controls by making sure the hoop always shuffles through patterns as soon as you turn it on.  So anyone can literally pick up this hoop and use it now. No more spending minutes-hours, incessantly pushing buttons on the remote, screaming at your hoop to light up all the way around. Though I would like to eventually see the user able to design their own patterns, I have to admit the 1000+ the ZL hoop comes with are pretty nice.  The remote, unfortunately is still just a confusing as ever, but at least with the automatic shuffle, you can just turn the hoop on and go. You’ll have in instant light show with no hassle.  And although the counterbalance is indeed much better now, an outer connector piece will always make any hoop feel just a little bit wonky, so it would be nice to see if they can eliminate that in future generations!  The DIY retube option also makes this hoop appealing, at least if you are as fickle as I am when it comes to choosing tubing type and size! All in all, the ZL Hoop is a nice smart hoop for the price ($399), especially since it is very frequently on sale.  It’s great for anyone who is looking for a good quality hoop capable of intricate patterns, that doesn’t break the bank.

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